les toiles du large team

Our Approach: 

...using old sails:
upcycling used sails we avoid rubbish dump with unrecycled material (thousand of square metters per year).

...Fair and social production:
The manufacturing of our bags and accessories is made in partnership with disability employement center (so called ESAT) in Marseille area (south part of France).

... Handmade production: 
From the cutting of the raw sail to sewing of the bag, all steps are made manually.

Combining strong raw material and handmade production, we offer robust and unique product loaded of memory

Our history:

Living in La Ciotat (small harbor on mediteranean sea), Anne gets the idea when in 2002, her best friend was about to leave for a world tour on her boat. She gets the olds sail without utility. And she decided to make some bag using this strong tissus to follow her. 

Then she started to be professional in 2005, creating "Les Toiles du Large" trademark

The collect of sail started with the "One sail = One bag" , each donor will receive a bag made in its own sail!

In 2010, Stéphane (her hsuband) join the team.

In 2012, we created and installed our Workshop&Shop in La Ciotat shipyard

In 2015, we have installed our 2nd Workshop&Shop in Marseille close to the MUCEM museum

From the begining the concept is intact!